Another Glorious Failure

Despite putting in an excellent performance against the Dutch last night, us Scots have yet again failed to qualify for a major tournament.

To be honest, qualification was a forlorn hope with the damage being done earlier in the campaign away to Macedonia and at home to Norway. Two games that should have been won.

No doubt, the cries for the manager's head will continue. I understand that and, to be honest, wouldn't lose any sleep over his departure. He has after all, failed in his remit. However, the problem doesn't solely lie with the managerial staff.

The fact of the matter is, Scotland no longer have the top quality players we once had. I'm old enough to remember when virtually every top flight English club had a backbone made north of the border. Now, with a few exceptions like Darren fletcher who was excellent last night, most of the team is pick from players plying their trade at lesser clubs. Even second tier clubs.

How can we possibly compete on a consistent level when our players are not playing at the highest level?

Sadly, I see no change to that in the foreseeable future.

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