The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Regular readers might remember that I used to get involved in the over 1.5 goals football markets by using what I call a drip-feed bet.

In essence, I'd decide how much stake I was prepared to use and I'd submit that amount in bite-sized chunks as the game progressed up to when the first goal was scored. The idea being that I'd get ever increasing odds as I did so, making it more profitable when trading out.

Over the past 5 days or so, I've been looking at doing the same in the over 2.5 goals market. Unfortunately for me, every single game I was interested in saw a very early goal being scored before I'd even submitted my initial bet. So I never got anything out of the games.

Perhaps there is something in that old saying after all.

As far as my pre-race trading is concerned, both the greyhounds and the horse place markets continue to be frustrating in that I am losing more or less as much as I'm winning. It has very much been a case of spending long hours treading water. I'm not losing much, but not winning much either. Just too many careless mistakes happening at the moment. I'll keep plugging away though and hope things come good sooner rather than later.

Betfair nearly did me this evening when the suspended a dog race some 30 secs before the scheduled off time in the 8:40 greyhound race at Belle Vue. That was bad enough, but Belle Vue were running a bit late and the hare wasn't let loose until some 3 mins later. So clearly someone at BF towers had a twitchy finger.

Their premature suspension left me with a partially matched lay still in the market and a liability of £80+ so a few skipped heart beats as I listened to the commentary. Fortunately, for once, the dog got beat and I won £27 which was great as it put me in profit for the day.

About time I had a bit of luck.


Betting Blogger said...

I always say. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good :) Nice work!

Gary said...

Betfair suspended a race at Hove early last week Alistair (1 minute early)cost me £250 as i was just waiting to trade out for a small profit at the time.the dog of course won!!.