The Losses Continue

Still trading like an absolute beginner with another loss today, albeit small at £11 spread over the greyhounds and horse place markets.

I'm not really sure what's going on at the moment. It certainly seems that everything I touch goes south. That in itself is probably making things worse by effecting my entry and exit points. I know I'm certainly coming out too early for a 1-2 tick loss only for the market to return to where I was. The confidence simply isn't there at the moment.

Just a case of having to weather the storm just now and hopefully I start to pull things together once again, ideally sooner rather than later.


Steve said...

You need to get a lot more positive about your trading Al, an £11 loss is nothing really as you're still up on the month.

You need to start making small steps to get that positive attitude and I'd recommend you also stop the negative type posts and concentrate on things that went well rather than things that went wrong. It's only a small thing but it should hopefully focus things better for you.

If you look at some of the posts where you've fought back from an early loss to get into profit there's a positive slant whereas days when you've been up and lost late on it's negative. Losing trades are part of the game and we can't decide where they'll come in the day and realistically the end result is the same for both days.

I know alot of people like to read the ups and downs of trading and most of it is written with a light hearted slant but overall it just reinforces a negative perception of trading for you, when in reality you're actually a winning trader.

Just have a go at forgetting the losing days/trades and not highlighting them. We're working on such small edges trading that you can't afford the most important edge you have which is the mindset with which you approach those trades.

ballb0y said...

I agree with that mate. Your monthly results prove do are doing more things right than you are doing wrong. As long as you analyse the mistakes you have made and learn from them, (which is what I have been doing this morning) that small loss will be absorbed into another month's juicy profit.

Alistair said...

Sound advice once again Steve. I've struggled recently, not just on the trading side, which has effected my mindset. We've talked about my personality in the past, and it's something I have to live with.

However, your comments have raised questions regarding the blog, and you're right. Perhaps I need to change emphasis somewhat. I'll leave posted alone for a bit while I think about what I want to do with it. It may well have outlived it's original purpose and needs to change into something else.

Thanks for the comments guys.