Missed Opportunities

For the second full trading day running I managed to build up a decent profit only to throw it away again. It was a day full of stupid mistakes and missed opportunities where I spotted many decent moves but failed to get on them.

This was particularly true in the morning greyhound markets where virtually every race at Newcastle saw a major gamble taking place on a dog. The image to the left, taken from the 13:27, was typical of the moves taking place.

Unfortunately for me, every time I placed a bet, the market swept past me before I was matched. Although I tried jumping ahead again, I was invariably overtaken once more. I've learned in the past not to keep chasing a price - once bitten twice shy as the saying goes. As a result, I came away with much smaller profits than I could/should have done.

That said, the morning greyhounds were still a reasonable hunting ground for me today, which cannot be said for the place markets. To cut a long story short, I struggled with them all afternoon. Having said that, my downfall was primarily due to a 5 minute spell where I lost over £12 on one race, nipped over to the dogs and promptly lost £9, taking with it most of the profit I had built up.

It can be frustrating continually shooting oneself in the foot. Looking on the bright side, at least when I do so, I'm only standing still rather than losing big time. That would me much more destructive.

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