Monday Night Delights

During last winter, i.e. before the evening horse meetings started, I noted that Monday evening greyhound meetings seemed to be particularly profitable. Once the summer racing schedules started, this was no longer true.

Having spent all day with a client, I was thinking of trading the MK Dons v Norwich match on my return. However, when the greyhound markets showed signs of their 'winter' Monday evening behaviour, I just stuck with them. It got a bit more difficult once the football started, but I cannot complain with a profit of over £47 for this evening's efforts.

There were persistent and pretty predictable moves on tonight, with a fair amount of money. Indeed, in the 7:32 at Nottingham someone stuck some £4500 at odds of 3.90 on 'Clover Luck'. Very unusual to see that type of money coming in on a BAGS race.

Anyway, I jumped in front of it with £36 and now wish I'd used more as 5 seconds later I hedged out at odds of 3.00. If only trading was always that easy.

After spending much of last week building up a nice profit each day only to throw it away towards the close of play, this evening's result comes as a welcome change. Whether that continues this week, I'll have to wait and see but it's certainly good to have Monday evenings back again.

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RobbieFowler said...

Hi Alistair, I have just started following your blog and one line which has stuck in my mind on a previous post was building your bank up from £10 to £8000! Wow, good work.

I have tried to do this many a time but disicpline is one thing i lack, im trying hard to correct that!! Im taking a break personally from betting.. just analysing for a few weeks and see what happens. Anyway i will be following your blog with great interest. Looks like a very informative and honest read!

Just started mine... its

Good luck!