Reasonable Start To September

Apologies for the lack of updates this week. I picked up a heavy cold when I was away last weekend and have had difficulty shaking it off. When I haven't been trading, I've been sleeping.

My greyhound trading has continued to be somewhat erratic in the first few days of the month. I've had daily returns of £11.34, -£11.58, -£8.69 and £18.89 which is rather disappointing. Perhaps that has been influenced by the thumping headache I've had.

Having said that, my illness doesn't seem to have affected my horse place trading where I've managed returns of £22.11, £23.73, £34.74 and £42.62 over the same period.

I find that I'm really enjoying the place markets again, as I once did when I started this lark. Posting regular profits helps mind you. I do wish though that I could get both the dogs and horses working in tandem rather than, too often, one propping the other up.

Back in June - July, when I was trying to get to grips with the horse win markets, I found myself being continually frustrated by the market reversals causing me to panic and exit for a 1-2 tick loss, only for the price to go back out in my favour. I'd repeatedly go in only for the same thing to happen. Of course, all those 1-2 tick losses add up.

I seemed incapable of holding my position that little while longer allowing the market to move into profit. Yet, bizarrely, I have no problems doing so in the place markets. If the market moves against me, I'm happy to wait for it to return. Why is that?

If I could figure that out, the win markets may not hold such fear for me. Have I just answered my own question?

I don't know when the next post will be. I've got a weekend of DIY ahead of me, so trading opportunities will be limited. Have a good one if you're getting involved.

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