September 2009 Summary

Another £40+ result today, which, when combined with a similar result yesterday, has added a little bit of respectability to what has been a very difficult month for me.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £79.98
Horses... £286.03
Soccer... £5.83
Tennis... £0.01 :-)
Cricket... -£16.86

The most disappointing aspect of those figures is the very poor return from the greyhounds. When on form, I'd be looking at that being some 5 times greater. Most of the damage was done in the first half of the month where I couldn't get to grips with these markets at all. Of course, it doesn't help inadvertently leaving a lay in the market then forgetting about it, only for it to be matched and the dog going on to win.

I am however, very please with the horse place markets in which I'm starting to find some consistency. Long may that continue.

I had high hopes for getting involved in the football markets this month, but the mindset issues I had earlier in the month saw me reluctant to get involved. As that aspect of my trading improved I found myself not getting involved in the matches that I had targeted as I couldn't find a stable feed that would allow me to trade the match while watching it.

Live video streaming is ropey at the best of times as my broadband connection barely scrapes past 1.4Mbps. Matters aren't helped if my daughter is around as she'll be grabbing as much as she can as she tweets, blogs and chats with her mates.

The sooner I get the spare bedroom converted to a dedicated trading room the better as I'll be able to get tv pictures as well as have a second telephone/broadband line installed. I don't know when that will happen though as there's a lot of work to do to get that room the way I want it.

As you can see, I had a rather unsuccessful attempt at tennis and cricket resulting in a scratched trade and a £16 loss respectively. No big deal.

So, an overall profit of £355 which, given where I was only two weeks ago, I'm delighted with. Now that my problems are behind me, I'm looking to push on in October and get back to where I had got used to being.

One of things I've been trying to do all summer is build my Betfair account up to £2000. This is to allow me get involved in more markets simultaneously as well as increase stakes. Unfortunately my performances of late meant that this has taken longer than expected. Now that I'm there, I can start taken money out once again. The first for some time.

So, starting from today, at the end of each calendar month I will take out whatever whole number of hundreds my account is over £2K by. This means I can 'pay' myself £100 today. Woohoo! I think it important to do this. It is after all the whole reason for trading in the first place.

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Steve said...

Physiologically it is important to be withdrawing on a regular basis no matter what the amounts, so spend that £100 wisely :)

Good to see you getting some consistency with the horses as cracking them is an important step mainly due to the fact that's where the money is. Overall they aren't as unpredictable as the dogs where a few hundred can drastically change a market. Wouldn't worry about missing the football as the first few months of the season can be hit and miss and things level off more to form once squads are more settled. It's a long season ahead so better to play small and get the feel for the markets rather than go in headfirst.

The cricket and tennis losses are nothing to write home about, any new market is gonna cost to learn the intricacies of them. But if you don't try them you'll never know if they suit your style so try out any of the others out there. Just expect to lose on the first few attempts as any early lucky wins will ultimately cost hell of a lot more b upping stakes with a flawed strategy.

Just remember it's consistency you want with trading once you've cracked that it'll just be a case of steadily increasing stakes or implementing the same strategy on similar markets