What A Crap Day!

I've documented here quite a few times recently that my greyhound trading is erratic to say the least just now. None more so than today.

By lunchtime, I was down £25 and moved to the horse markets where I started to recover as I switched between the two disciplines. However, given my start to the day, it was all about damage limitation - and I failed miserably.

Far too many careless mistakes, wrong entry points, slow reactions and panic induced early exits meant it was hard work this afternoon and a losing battle.

A particularly disturbing trend in recent weeks is the development of a tendency to lose big come 4.30pm. I seem to have a spell when I lose race after race. I haven't identified what the cause might be. It might simply be fatigue setting in having been trading since 11am. It may be that my daughter has returned home from school, and that is a causing a distraction. Who knows?

Having said that, I cannot use her as an excuse today as she was home and away again by 1:45pm, leaving me an afternoon free for trading. Yet, come the 4.35pm I lost over £10, despite assessing the market correctly (don't ask) at which point I switched off having increased my losses to £30.

As I write this, I've just finished a short stint in the evening with further stupid losses adding to the total which stands at £40!

I'd had a nice trade in the 7:40 at Wolverhampton and was checking my P&L when I noticed my greyhound losses had jumped from £27 to £42. I'd laid 'Egmont Torres' in the 7:26 and promptly forgotten about it. Of course, the damn thing won costing me £15 in the process. Do these things ever work in one's favour?

So, crap trading coupled with sheer carelessness has cost me dear and one of the poorest days I've had for a while. A crap end to a crap week.

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