Why Do I Do It?

As posted yesterday, I had a good evening on the dogs, netting £47 profit. Today was the reverse.

An hour into the greyhound card this morning and I was £25 down after only eight races. I stopped for an early lunch, hoping that things would improve upon my return. They only got worse and by the time the morning card was finished, I was just over £30 in the red.

The horse place markets looked like being much better when I had a near £8 profit in the first race. Unfortunately it was nothing more than a flash in the pan and I lost four out of the next five races and found myself over £10 down on the nags and £41 down on the day.

It seemed that nothing I touched was going right today so I decided to quit. No point in risking further loss.

Instead, I set about assembling my daughter's new bedroom furniture that arrived at lunchtime. It's taken me some five hours to screw all that together. That's her bedroom finished and I can now set about the spare room with a view to converting it into an office and dedicated trading room. The work never stops.

Back again tomorrow for another laugh.

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