Change Of Emphasis

After the disappointment of a wasted weekend, I got back on track today as far as the horses are concerned with another £40 day.

The consistency that has developed in the horse place markets is seeing a change of emphasis in my trading. I am finding myself much more comfortable in the place markets than I do in the greyhounds. Indeed, the dogs have been pretty erratic all summer and I can trace a change back to when the summer horse racing started.

Now that the winter months are rapidly approaching, perhaps the greyhounds will settle down and indeed, pick up again. That said, I'd still have to go some to regularly make £40/day on the mutts. At least the way I trade them anyway.

As the results in the horse markets have been picking up, and more importantly, becoming a lot more consistent, I'm going to be concentrating more and more on those, at the expense of the greyhounds. With this in mind, I've arranged with my client I normal spend all Monday with, to go in two mornings per week, thus freeing up an additional afternoon for trading on the horses.

This of course means that I'll miss another morning on the dogs, but since I've found them something of a roller-coaster in recent weeks/months, that's not a problem. In any case, as the nights draw in and the horse racing starts earlier and earlier, the best time for the dogs will switch from the morning to the 4pm-6pm slot. As a result, the impact of losing a morning may well be minimised.

I won't be abandoning the greyhounds completely, but given my recent results, it makes sense to focus the bulk of my attention elsewhere.


Rick Ford said...

Hi Alistair,

Could you please be so kind and try and add some input into my recent post -

Alistair said...

Hi Rick,

I'll have a look at it over the weekend.