Comedy Of Errors

Over the past few Saturdays, I've found the horse place markets pretty thin. I'm not sure why that would be the case, but after poor results the last few weekends, I decided to try my hand at the win markets once again.

This wasn't so unusual as I've been dabbling with the evening win markets of late, with some success. However, on this occasion, I dropped my stakes a bit and jumped straight in. I have to say, despite three 'mishaps', I was quite pleased with the results.

My first bit of misfortune would have had me giggling to myself if I wasn't busy trying to reduce the £12 all red position I found myself in. I'd been watching the ladder, assessing the market when I suffered from an involuntary 'twitch' in my index figure that saw me put a lay into the market as the price was shortening. That will teach me not to leave the mouse hovering over the ladder when I'm not ready to enter the market. :-)

Anyway, I managed to cut the loss in half before moving on to the next race.

With my profit slowly building, I was caught by the suspension in the 3:50 at Stratford. I just wasn't paying attention to the clock. As soon as the market re-opened in-running I immediately closed out for what I could get resulting in a £25 loss on that runner and a £21 loss for the race.

If I'd waiting, I could have scratched, but no better than that. If I'd done so, I would have simply been gambling as I have no pictures or commentary, and to be honest, I very rarely watch a horse race so I'd have been unable to assess if the horse was improving during the race or not. Better to take the hit and move on. It was a lot less than the loss would have been if I'd let it run.

This put me over £6 in the red for the afternoon, which I slowly recovered until I got it up to £25 when I made my third careless mistake of the afternoon. This time in the 5:15 at Doncaster.

With so many meetings throughout the afternoon, the races were coming thick and fast, virtually every 5 mins, making it real easy to move on to each subsequent race. However, after the 5:00, there was a fifteen minute gap but I was so much into a groove that I went in way too early and found myself down immediately and every time I went in to recover it, I made it worse, losing £15 in the process.

I came back in the evening to do a few of the Kempton races and managed to pick it up again finishing with £24. This, coupled with the £5 I won on the dogs this morning gave me a reasonable amount for my efforts. But for careless on my part, it could have been significantly more. Still, I was happy with my foray into the win markets today.

The only disappointing thing about today was that I missed the start of the Bayern Munich match. I had intended to lay the AU as I felt it was very short at odds of 4.00. Unfortunately, I was too busy trading the horses, I missed the KO and consequently what would have been a profitable trade passed me by.... again!

One of these days, I'll start getting properly involved in the footy rather than just thinking about it.

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