Downright Bloody Stupid

"Tense, nervous headache? You need Anaddin". What I certainly don't need is to try trading with a splitting headache!

I don't know how many times I tell myself not to trade if I have a headache, but I never seem to listen. I think part of the problem is that I wouldn't down tools at work if I had a headache. I'd simply take some painkillers and get on with it.

Also, I suffer from headaches a lot, but I'm not going to put my life on hold every time I get one. It is simply something I have to put up with until such times as I discover what's causing them. Certainly the NHS haven't a clue and I've had every test they can throw at me. At least they've confirmed it is not something more sinister.

My trading has been sloppy the past three days, not least because I've been suffering a prolonged bout of the aforementioned affliction.

Things started to slip on Wednesday when, having had a good morning on the greyhounds, followed by a reasonable one on the horse place markets, I had a three race spell just before dinner time which halved my profit for the day to £28.

Much the same story on Thursday. An excellent start to the day thanks to the dogs, but as lunch got ever closer, so did the intensity of the headache. It took just three horse races to wipe it all out at which point I switched off the pc and went to bed.

I still hadn't shaken of the headache this morning, but like a fool I tried to trade the dogs and found myself down £17 after only three races. Again, I stopped then. I came back in the afternoon to try the horse place markets, but I was still feeling pretty dopey and didn't make any impact on the loss I had made in the morning.

I had decided to write today off and not bother with any evening trading, but there was sod all on the television, I couldn't resist. Happily, I was a bit more clear-headed this evening and I managed to turn the loss around and get myself in profit, thanks to the evening horse win markets of all things!

Over recent weeks, I've tried the evening place markets, particularly at Wolverhampton, and failed miserably even though I've been doing well in the place markets in the afternoon. Changing to the win markets worked a treat this evening winning £21 in only five races with no losers. So it seems sensible to do that again.

I've only made £37 over the past three days, which is obviously disappointing but given my insistence in trading with a thumping headache, perhaps it could have been a lot worse. There's never a need to trade every event that comes along at the best of times. It's downright bloody stupid when there's some imaginary demon bashing one's head with a hammer.

But then, sometimes that just sums me up.... Downright bloody stupid.

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