Electrifying Stuff

It's funny to think that today, I won more in one day than I did in the whole of July. With an excellent £135 for today's efforts, it ranks as my second best day and only because it was outdone by a day of matched betting.

I wish I could claim that such a satisfying total was down to my magnificent trading skills, but alas no. The truth is, with 20 secs to go before the scheduled off in the 12:04 at Sunderland, I was caught with a number of bets in the market, by a power cut just as I was closing my positions.

Not a lot I could do about it. Indeed, I was pretty relaxed about it to be honest, which is something of a change in itself. I took the opportunity to wash the car and on my return I was happy to see my account had increased by the princely sum of £77.

That stroke of luck aside, I was really pleased with my trading today, completing £58 worth of trades over the greyhounds and horse place markets.

With such a result, I didn't feel the need to look at any of the football matches, so I've had a relaxing evening in front of the television, only spoiled by Celtic's inability to beat Rapid Vienna.

You can't have everything I suppose.

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