October 2009 Summary

Well, the end of another month and I'm pleased to say a much better one than the 3 months before it. Even then it had it's ups and down, with this week spoiling what would/could have been an excellent month and turning it into a good one.

I've only made £9.22 this week thanks in the main to my horse trading skill, what little I have anyway, completely deserting me. The week was saved by some football trading today, specifically, backing over 3.5 goals in the Arsenal v Spurs match not long before The Gunners scored two quick-fire goals.

With that good fortune, the month closed with the same luck as it opened. If you recall, I nearly got hung out to dry by a power cut which left me with a significant amount of money in a dog race. Fortunately that turned out rosey, but I could have started the month some £200 down.

So, despite the hiccup this week, I'm delighted with this month's return and a lot happier than I was during the summer months.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £234.02
Horses... £460.76
Soccer... £44.17
Formula One... £1.14

I'm please that the greyhounds have performed a bit better, though a big chunk of that was due to the aforementioned good fortune at the beginning of the month. I'm particularly please as I've actually been cutting down on the amount of time I spend in the greyhound markets, so hopefully that type of return will continue.

The horses have been my main earner and it's not often I've said that. I returned to the place markets after my summer attempts at the win market, and clearly that paid dividends. However, with the change in the clocks and the start of the earlier races at the beginning of last week, I found the place markets particularly thin. As a result, I found myself gravitating towards the win markets again.

I have been venturing there during the evening meeting throughout the month, so it wasn't quite the shock one might expect. That said, this week shows how difficult I still find it. I wasn't losing huge amounts. Indeed, I was putting in some decent trades. Unfortunately, I frequently threw away any decent profits I had built up, which was rather annoying.

It will be interesting to see how the horse racing develops as we move into November. I tried the win markets in November last year and failed miserably. Here's hoping this coming month doesn't see a repeat of that.

With the horses taking a turn for the worse this week, I forced myself to take some time out and start looking at the football.... and promptly lost on the first match I got involved in. Today though was a different matter with three profitable matches under my belt. So more of the same please for November.

Finally, spare a thought my inability to take advice when it is offered. Regular readers may recall that very early in the F1 season I was ruing not taking Jenson Button to win the F1 drivers championship when advised to do so at odds of 66/1. £1.14 is all I have to show for my efforts instead of what could have been.

Hey ho! We live and learn.

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