Poor Show

With the public release of two new trading applications this week, competition in the exchange software market was given a boost. It seems quite extraordinary then that two days later, both applications have been denied access to the Betfair API.

Betfair fully certified both BetTrader Evolution and The Toy for full access to the BF Vendor API. Those applications could not have been released to the public otherwise. It now transpires that the innovative, as we are led to believe, way these applications access the API functions resulted in the Betfair API being unable to handle the volume and type of requests it was receiving.

I'm not privvy to the technical issues involved in how these applications call the API functions, but it seems to me that Betfair should have been. They approved these applications and therefore should have anticipated the potential load on their API servers.

I'm sure the developers, not to mention their users, of both these applications are rightly pissed about this situation. I do not blame them.

While I appreciate that Betfair have to protect the performance for other users, this represents another in a long line of poor shows from Betfair.


Steve said...

Mike did mention the refresh rates had been set to the max, so not really surprised Betfair pulled them. Could have ended up costing alot of people alot of money in data charges if they had more than one window open and also the website open.

The Geek said...

Unlike Evolution, the refresh rates on TT were set nowhere near the max. Also, Betfair have still not issued a statement to me or the public that TT was even causing a problem. I was told it was simply being pulled as a precaution.