Sharp Reminder

I had another foray into the horse win markets, and suffered another loss. This time £36 with some of the worst trading I can remember doing. I finished after the 3:20 and my forth loser in a row.

This means that, rather disappointingly given how well the month was going, I've lost £60 on the horses in the past two days and been reminded of just how cut throat the horse win markets can be. Indeed, today saw me doing all the stupid things I did the last time I tried playing in these markets which only serves to confirm that I'm just not ready for life in the fast lane.

So it's a return to the place markets for me, until such times as I feel the need/urge to try again.

Late Update: This evening, I ventured into the treacherous world that is football trading and that old favourite, lay the draw. Lo and behold, I picked the only 0-0 game in the Carling cup tonight. Typical! Another £20 added to today's losses.

Just not my day today.


Anonymous said...

Lay the draw and back the nil-nil for insurance.

lay off the nil-nil later for profit.

also ay the over 4.5 goals and a cover bet on 3-3

Alistair said...

Thanks anonymous,

I of course could have taken out those insurance bets as you describe. Personally, I'm not overly keen on too much insurance as they eat away at any potential profit.

I was happy exiting at a point where my losses were less than half of my original liability.

All depends on one's assessment of risk and personal preferences. Each to his/her own and all that.