So Much For That Idea!

By changing the arrangement I have with a client, I've managed to free up Monday afternoons at the expense of two morning visits and a doubling of my traveling costs. The gives me some more time trading the horses which have shown excellent promise throughout this month.

The only requirement of these Monday afternoons is to at least cover the increase in travel expenses - something I've miserably failed to do since I made the change. Today was the worst, trading in only 10 races and losing £23, with most of that happening in the last three.

I obviously haven't adjusted to the new regime.

The weekend showed promise in that I've been venturing into the horse win markets, for no other reason than I've felt the place markets to be particularly thin. I picked up £34 yesterday which I was pleased with.

I continued there today, at least initially, though I switched to the place markets and still lost. Fortunately, I had to finish early as my daughter had riding lessons, so it was an easy decision just to stop and write today's losses off as part of the ongoing learning process.

Back in the saddle tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Looks like your at risk of having your best ever month, it must be around an even money shot (no pressure!!) - no free bet stuff in their either. Good to see you got through that sticky patch. Nick

Alistair said...

Cheers Nick, you've probably put the kiss of death on that now you realise! :-)

Funnily enough, one of the guys was saying as much in the chat room the other day and, as he was going away for the week, warned me against doing anything silly.

I jokingly said I was going to put all my months winnings to date on Liverpool to beat Man Utd. Who'd have thought it eh?

Seriously, it will be a tall order to win nearly £300 in the remain days left. Still, it has been a good month particularly as there has been no matched betting stuff in there as you rightly point out.