Stark Contrast

This month is, so far (and I'm touching lots of wood as I type this), proving to be in stark contrast to the three months that went before it. Nine days into the month, and with today's profit of £64, I've passed the £400 mark.

I found the horse place markets a little quieter this afternoon and only managed £40 but the greyhounds were a bit better than they have been of late. To be honest, I'm not fussed where the profit comes from as long as it comes.

There's two things happening here that have helped my trading...

Firstly, with consistent profits brings a much more relaxed and focused trading style. This in turn improves the profit and keeps it consistent.

Secondly, with that profit the urge to keep trading every race throughout the day is removed. When I was having a bad time over the summer months the pressure to keep trading was great, and detrimental. For me anyway, it was very much a case of trading overload, which in turn only made matters worse.

Having sorted out the second point in particular, it has been easier to get the consistent profits of the first point. Still a long way to go, but things are looking ever brighter.

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