Writer's Block

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Surprisingly, I've struggled to find anything to say and the time in which to say it! I've only managed to continue to update the running total for the month which I'm sure you'll have noticed is steadily growing.

I had a bit of a quiet time last week, as detailed in my last post. Fortunately, things have picked up this week, culminating in a very tidy £82 profit today.

My new client visit regime started this week and it wasn't until I got home this lunchtime that I realised my mistake. When organising the changes, I completely forgot that Thursday mornings normally sees a greyhound BAGS meeting at Sunderland.

I've found in the past that this is a good meeting to get involved in as they really like their red hot favourites in the North East. As a result, they shorten very quickly and strongly, so even if you miss the start, there's usually still plenty of opportunity to pick up a decent number of ticks. Like today, I got back in time for the second last race of the morning and picked up £9 for my trouble.

Look out for this meeting in the future and you'll see what I mean.

While on the subject of the greyhounds, make a point of listening to William Hill Radio. I've mentioned this many times, but the reason I point it out again is that Darren Driver is back doing the commentary. He was seconded to the horse racing channel during the summer, but pay attention to this guy as his dog knowledge is excellent. On many occasions I've seen the price shoot in on a greyhound he's tipped. He's also pretty damned good at picking out long priced winners. Always worth sticking £2 on.

It is ironic that I seem to have built up a bit of a reputation for greyhound trading - understandably - and yet I am spending less and less time with the dogs. As I outlined in an earlier post, I'm making much more money on the horses now, consistent money at that, that the time spent on the dogs is increasingly less worth it. In any event, thanks to those nice people at Juicestorm for the plug.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll get the typing fingers up to speed again in the next few days. For now, be lucky.

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