Broadband Settling Down

At the risk of tempting fate, my broadband speed issue seems to have resolved itself. I'm at least getting the sort of speed I normally get, not that that's any great shakes.

This week has illustrated something I didn't appreciate, and, as an engineer, I find a bit dumb.

BT have a mechanism in place where they reduce the speed available on your ADSL connection in order to provide a stable link. If they detect drop outs on your line, they will reduce the speed.

Hang on a minute! That means that the ever decreasing speeds I saw during the week, may well have been cause by the test I had to do in order to identify what might be causing the slowdown I was experiencing! What prat ever thought that was a good idea?

Why can't the system simply behave like old fashioned analog modems? When one dials the other, the go through a handshake process whereby the negotiate the fasted speed available. They do that on every new connection.

So, by continually rebooting my router, change filters, trying new routers, the BT systems were assuming my line was unstable and reducing my speed.

Some of the responsibility of this must lie with my ISP because they assumed I had connection issues and were treating my initial support request as such. Yet at no point did I tell them that my broadband connection kept dropping. It was only ever a problem with reduced speed.

Although the speed seems to be back to normal, I cannot say the issue has been resolved as I am no further forward in identifying what caused the initial slowdown in the first place. I'll keep monitoring it this week.

Interestingly, I had my two best days during the slowdown. On Tuesday and Thursday, I put in £50+ performances. It is making me wonder if my trading style would suit a slower refresh rate on my software. Unfortunately, I am unable to adjust it in Binarysoft in order to test such a theory.

Although this week has been much better than the rest of the month, it has still been very poor. The most frustrating aspect has been the the soccer trading. I've tried various strategies, but always seem to have to employ my exit strategy just before the match turns in the way I wanted it to go. I'll keep bashing on with it though.

I'll finish this post with a sad goodbye...

'B-Selective', one of the stalwarts of the chat room, has decided to pack in trading/gambling after a prolonged poor run. He has decided to concentrate his efforts on Forex trading. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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