How Much?!!!!???

That should really be "how little?".

As you know, I've been having broadband problems all this week. Because I had reason to do multiple reboots of my router recently, my ISP have asked me leave it on for 72 hours and see if it settles down.

When they said "settles down", I'm sure they didn't mean the ever decreasing rate in broadband speed.

For a general indicator, I use, but my ISP insists on me using the BT speed tester at The trouble with that one is it will only allow a test to be done once every three hours. However, I've found the figure ties in very well (within a few Mbps) with those given by the BT one.

The graph below is provided by and I've just used that to do another test and confirmed it with the BT one. Take a look at the graph. That last measurement is right. 128Kbps! Dial up speed! There is clearly something very wrong with this broadband connection.

With speeds like that, I don't think I'll be doing much trading tomorrow.

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