Lest We Forget

My trading exploits are of no consequence compared to the sacrifice that our armed forces have made and continue to make.


Rob The Builder said...

Hi Alistair. Just a few thoughts on the '14-'18 conflict.

I've had a great interest in the Great War for many years. The reason I keep coming back to it is the phenominal loss of life ( over 5 MILLION servicemen, just on the Allied side ), a fact which seems to live more comfortably in distant history, yet this war occured only 91 years ago. Hard to get your head around. Forty five years ago, The Beatles were in the charts, Cassius Clay won the heavyweight title, motorways were being built. Seems like recent times. Go back another 45 years - incomprehendable.

I certainly won't be forgetting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

The problem is that 90 years ago is two generations. It is hard to be emotional about something you can only read about and not being directly involved/asssociated with.

Alistair said...

And that, Anonymous, is exactly the reason why we should never forget.