Not Before Time

Finally, a decent days trading...

Thanks in no small part to the £41 I earned on the greyhounds, I pocketed over £58 today. It is three weeks since I had a £58+ return and comes something of a relief. Here's hoping it wasn't a flash in the pan.

I had intended on trading the Stevenage v Port Vale match this evening, but I couldn't really find any angle other than a Stevenage win due to Port Vale missing some first choice defenders. However, by the time I looked at the market, that news had already brought the home side's price down quite significantly, so I didn't think there was any value left.

This, coupled with the fact that there was a Sky televised greyhound meeting on persuaded me to leave it alone. A good decision as it turns out with Port Vale scoring the only goal midway through the first half.

Managing a decent profit today was all the more pleasing as I hadn't intended to do a lot of trading today.

Over recent days, my broadband has been sluggish to say the least, and getting worse. It ain't great at the best of times, barely getting past 1.4Mbs on a good day.

As long as I was just trading, I was generally OK, suffering only a little delay. However, my daughter was getting it in the neck whenever she went online as the delays in BinarySoft were horrendous. I just assumed she was downloading crap again, or visiting YouTube - something she knows to avoid when I'm trading.

Yesterday however, while she was still at school, it was particularly slow and a quick speed test showed it was under 0.3Mbs! I was getting faster upload speeds!

Rather than immediately report it to my ISP, I set aside this morning to do the tests and gather the information I just knew they'd ask me - like they always do. You know the thing - treat the customer like a complete pillock and get them to check the filters, change the router, connect to the main telephone socket and not an extension, check the internal wiring, make sure there aren't any birds sitting on the telephone line causing the cable to stretch under the weight thereby increasing the distance to the exchange and finally, confirm that the wind was blowing in the right direction.

Before starting off, I rebooted my router for the umpteenth time and did a speed test in order to set a baseline before moving things around. Blow me, was it not up to speed again! Indeed, it was the fastest I have ever seen it. Over 1.7Mbs. So I just left it as it freed me up to do some trading today.

I checked it periodically throughout the day and at times it went over 2.0Mbs! Oh the joys.

Unfortunately, I've just done another test as I write this and the sodding thing is down to 0.67Mbs. Clearly, there is something afoot that I need to get to the bottom of.


S McLaren said...

Hi Alistair.

Just found your blog and really enjoyed reading about your trading exploits. I trade too, (although my blog is about my cooking). But iI can never seem to find the right pattern to identify when to back and lay in horse racing.

I start the month with £20 by the middle i am at about £100, then by the end of the month i have nothing.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Alistair said...

Sorry for not replying earlier. I'm just catching up with comments now due to the on-going broadband issues I've been having.

To be honest, I'm not the one to advise you on trading the horses. That's an area I struggle with as well. It's a case of practice, practice, practice and hopefully it will come good as your experience and reading of the markets improve. I'm still practicing.

One thing I would say though is, if you continually find that you are throwing away your profit in the latter half of the month, then think about ring-fencing what you have earned. It will obviously take longer to build your bank, but the psychological benefits of doing so cannot be underestimated.

Good luck with your endeavours and remember that old adage... it's a marathon not a sprint.