Not A Good Start

Well, November has started where October left off - with my trading all over the place. Ever since the clocks changed and the winter racing schedule came into being, I've struggled. The place markets have, in the main, been dead, so I've been playing in the win markets and all the old frustrations have come flooding back.

You know the ones... sit 2-3 ticks behind the market and you NEVER get matched as the market moves off in the direction you predicted, leaving you behind... jump ahead of the market in order to ensure being matched, and an immediate reversal puts you 5+ ticks down within seconds with no sign of it coming back.

Obviously I haven't adjusted yet to the change in conditions. More worryingly, it is affecting other markets, most noticeably, the greyhounds. I haven't fully adjusted to the change in those markets either, with all the money now in those races following the horse racing. This caused me to lose £12 in the first dog race I tried late yesterday afternoon.

Even my luck on the football isn't there.

I felt there would be goals in the Chelsea game last night, so I drip fed small back bets into the over 2.5 goals market as the odds increased, with the intention of bailing out when the odds were such that I could red up for half my total stake. This happened at odds of 7.80. No sooner had I got out and the goals started flying in. It finished 2-2.

So, November is currently running at a loss, but plenty of time to turn that around.


SJD said...

I'm finding my trading similar to yours in that I identify correctly where I thinkthe market is going to go, don't rush in and wait a few ticks back, the market takes off in the direction I have idfentified and I am left unmatched. When I go to the top of the queue it immediately turns the other way.

It does get depressing and does dent your confidence when that happens, however, my mind is built for odds trading and I will keep analysing until I get it right.

I was on the psychoff chat for the Real Madrid/Milan game last night, it was interesting and changed my mindset for trading football. With everything in this though discipline and patience are key, if you don;t have them you are doomed to failure.

Keep at it Alistair and if you put in the effort hopefully you will be rewarded.

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment SJD. I'm sure it is nothing more than a little hiccup though I confess, I'm not sure if I'll ever be comfortable in the horse win markets.

I've never been to psychoff's blog. I tend not to follow these 'challenges'. One thing I noticed was his chat room. It seems that every man and his dog has opened a chat room in recent months, yet I've had one on mine for years, off and on, and hardly get any visitors.

Perhaps I should jump on the challenge bandwagon and change the blog name to Ali's £100M In A Month Challenge!