Oh Woe Is Me

Thanks to my ongoing broadband issues, I took a small loss on the PSG pre-match trade.

Having laid PSG @1.87, I could have backed for a 3 tick profit @ 1.90. However I decided to hang on for some more. With an hour to go before kick off, there was no sign of the price rising. Indeed, the indications were the opposite. I decided to pull out of the trade at this point.

This is were things conspired against me.

For nearly an hour prior to this, I had found the Betfair site really slow. I'd mentioned this in the chat room but everyone else was fine. Just as I went in to trade out my position, my router went on a two minute spell of intermittently dropping its connection.

After it came back on line, BinarySoft wouldn't connect and the Betfair site was still slow. When I eventually got in, I was in a losing position and I traded out for a small, all red figure leaving me with £98.13 to take on to the next trade.

It was of no consolation that PSG drifted to 3.0ish in-play before taking the lead. Of course, in-play trading is not the purpose of the exercise here.

I'm looking to stick the £98.13 on the under 2.5 goals @ 2.54 in the Barcelona v Real Madrid match. Just waiting to be matched as I write this.

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