Remember, Remember The Month Of November

Excuse my paraphrasing of the well known rhyme, but this month is certainly one I'd rather forget.

Today I stuck to football as my broadband issues continue to deteriorate have looked promising towards the tail end of the week. As I write this, I am currently crawling along at 0.4Mbps! There's now a question mark over my router, so I'll see if I can borrow another one from a client for testing purposes.

Anyway, I kicked off the day with the bet on the under 2.5 goals in the Barcelona v Real Madrid match, as mentioned late this morning. I spent most of the day at the front of the queue @ 2.54 and in the end, only £45 of my £100 bet was taken.

Because of yet another major slowdown trying to access Betfair, I came out early for a tiny profit of 69p. A disappointing result, but at least it was green.

My 'active' trading started off with the Merseyside derby where I backed the 1-2 scoreline and covered it with a back of the under 1.5 goals market. I came out at half time with just under £5, though I spent 50p of that laying off the current score line late in the game - to no effect.

Then a quick trip down to London, where I completely screwed up the other big derby of the day.

I felt it would be a fairly close affair and did a similar trade, i.e. covered the under 1.5 goals and backed 1-2. I also backed 2-1 with a view trading out both as the goals started to go in.

Unfortunately, I got my self in a muddle through incompetence, misfortune and carelessness. I was too slow laying off some of the under 1.5 goal liability as well as the CS bets after the opener when a quick second goal went in. Of course, all would have been much better had it been an equaliser. With Chelsea going 0-2 up, I lost any ability to use the under 1.5 goals market and the 2-1 correct score.

To make matters worse, as I tried to minimise my liability, I inadvertently laid the 2-2 scoreline instead of the 1-2 scoreline. Even more panic ensued, particularly as the 2-2 score dropped to 12-13 very soon after laying it at 16.5.

To cap it all, throughout all of this, the Betfair interface was crawling along and BinarySoft wouldn't log in, timing out each time I tried. I don't know if this was due to my broadband problems, my router, or some other issue, though some others mentioned a sluggish BF as well.

I lost £37 thanks to that fiasco to finish the month with less than £100. Easily my worst month since I started - and I'm talking performance wise here rather than bottom line figure.

I doubt that I'll be doing much trading tomorrow, but I'll leave the monthly summary until then.


Oldo said...

Hey I know how ya feel, my day went from bad to worse aswell, still todays another day... hopefully not like yesterday!

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Alistair,

You probably know about this already...but....have you tried one of these for your internet connection problems?

Read the reviews and see what you think. My connection is also playing up so I've ordered one. Will find out Friday if it works!

All the best,


Alistair said...

Hi Mark, good to hear from you again. I trust you and the family are well.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, my telephone wiring is rather old and doesn't have a master socket that is compatible with the i-plate.

I've set aside the next few days to do some investigative work based on information I found at the excellent Kitz site.

I'm going to take the opportunity to revamp my internal network, using homeplugs, get my router next to what should be the master socket and generally tidy things up a bit.

With any luck, I'll be back up to speed soon.

Thanks again for the feedback.