Spoke To Soon

No sooner had I reported that my broadband had settled down and the speed drops from the 1.4Mbps that I normally get to 0.67Mbps on Sunday night. It was like that all day yesterday until this morning when it dropped still further to 0.175Mbs

To say I am not happy is an understatement. Looks like trading will be limited again today.


leonthefixer said...

Hi mate - I had exactly the same issue for quite some time with my internet.

A few things that helped my speed were firstly to get rid ot the phoneline extention I was using to the router upstairs. I now have the router downstairs plugged into the master socket and use a set of homeplugs to send the internet signal over the electricity circuit which works great and also means I have full speed internet where ever I have a plug in the house.

The next thing was to get interleaving turned off on my line, this increased the speed a good bit.

Finally the most drastic step was to switch to Zen internet where thier customer services actually know what they are on about and will investigate and investigate even after the problem seems solved just to make sure it was. Also you deal with a UK based help person and there is no queing to get through to support and you deal with the same person everytime you ring. However they do cost quite a bit more than most other ISP's but they don't put any restrictions on your line giving you full speed all the time no matter the time of the day.

Hope some of that helps and try to keep the router on as much as possible as I know from experience that the more it is turned off the worse speed you get.



Alistair said...

Hi Leon, nice to see you're still around.

Funnily enough, and somewhat coincidently, I'd been looking at those Homeplug devices as part of my trading room setup. Yes I know, I've been mumbling on about that for ages and haven't even started. One of the reasons for my intransigence was the worked involved in neatly routing network cables.

The Homeplug obviously solves that particular issue and it is good to hear a recommendation from someone that uses them successfully. Is their any particular brand you'd recommend?

There is still a question mark over the internal wiring - I do not seem to have a modern style master socket for example. Having said that, and assuming it is an internal issue, why it would suddenly degrade and start giving me speeds in the order of 20% of what I've been getting for four years or so is a puzzle.

I pay £25/month for my broadband from a different company than me telephone supplier. Historical, business reasons for this that I won't go into. I contacted TalkTalk and their not that much cheaper, despite their TV adverts. Apparently, my local exchange has not been unbundled by BT.

The other option that I'm seriously considering is getting a brand new line put in. That would eliminate any question mark hanging over the existing wiring, as well as provide a backup option if one line/router goes down. It will also allow my daughter her own broadband so her YouTube downloads won't impact on my trading.

I've been regularly measuring the speed of my connection over the past 4 days and will send the results to my ISP. Hopefully then, they'll get their finger out and get it sorted.

Thanks for the info mate.


leonthefixer said...

Hi mate,

The ones I got are the Develo ones:


I got them after recommendation from Peter Webb who uses them. I have used them for several months everyday and not had an issue at all so highly recommend them.

An ISP I would recommend is Zen, they cost me about £35 a month for a 50GB allowance and their customer service is top notch. Perhaps worth the extra investment!