What The Hell Is It With Mondays?

Mondays are very quickly turning into the worst day of the week for me. So much so in fact that I'm beginning to think I shouldn't trade on those days at all.

After getting back from a client's in time for the 1:50, I promptly found myself down £20 by 2:30 having done six races and lost four, scratching two. I just stopped then as I could feel myself falling into that mental state that is not conducive to good trading.

I came back and tried the dogs after the horses were finished, but didn't do much better. I only lasted seven races before quiting again.

I've posted losses for five of the last six Mondays totaling £100, with the sixth one being scratched. I don't know what it is about the first day of the week, but recently I can't trade it for peanuts. Damned annoying.


Mets said...

Hi Alistair,

I'm not sure what it is about Mondays but I had a stinker too! Do you want some of my Kalms?


Bager said...

Hi Alistair.

I lost 45 £ on the dogs to. Everytime I got into the market yesterday it went the other way. Days like that you just have to forget and move on. You are doing good and it was a wise decision to quit.

Best regards
Hans bager

Mully said...

I've taken a break from Mondays too. Yesterday's racing was awful. I laid the first three favourites then switched off.

Alistair said...

Hi guys. Just catching up with all the recent comments.

Though it is perhaps no conciliation, it is somewhat reassuring that others struggle on a Monday. A day to avoid it seems, at least as far as the nags and dogs are concerned.