Carry On Dogging

I wonder how many misplaced Google hits that post title will attract. If you've found your way here looking for something else, shame on you! :-)

As you know, I listen to William Hill Radio when trading the greyhounds. Some of the commentators are quite entertaining with many moments filled with double entendre. I don't know if it is deliberate but it matches anything you would find in the Carry On films of old.

For example, one of Paul Castle's frequent mumblings go along the lines of "the two dog takes the one dog up the back section". You can't help but smile.

Yesterday, Darren Driver came out with this little gem: "This dog can do it from the front or the back".

Oooh! Matron!

I know, the words 'little', 'simple', 'minds' and 'things' spring to mind, though not necessarily in that order. Still, if it is enough to bring a smile to the face on a frustrating day of trading, all to the good I say.

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Sandracer said...

I notice these things too. Happens in football commentaries too.

Small minds easily pleased I suppose.