December 2009 Summary

Yet another shockingly bad month for me, not helped by on-going broadband issues. The only saving grace being that I managed to avoid December turning into my first ever losing month, just.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £82.90
Horses... -£26.01
Soccer... -£3.11

I just do not seem to find any consistency these days. Indeed, it's been like that for months. Having said that, I didn't expect anything wonderful this month having taken the decision to start using Bettrader Evolution full time and put Binarysoft BDI out to seed.

I've found the migration extremely difficult. Although I am enjoying getting to grips with multiple ladders - something BDI was lacking - I miss the ladder layout of BinarySoft. In my view, it remains the best ladder of any trading application I've tried.

A limited return while using a new application is to be expected, and it doesn't worry me. What does worry me is the way I've either lost the ability to read the markets, or the markets have changed and I've failed to adapt. That's a process that has been on-going since last spring and is clearly something I have needed to address but singularly haven't managed.

I'm going to take a few days off over the New Year and with it, take the opportunity to figure out what I need to do to get myself back up to speed. Even get myself back to where I was this time last year for that matter.

What with having to relearn the markets as well as new software, it very much feels like starting again. That is not something I'm looking forward to to be honest.

I'll be back posting in the New Year with, hopefully, a plan for improvement. In the meantime, let me wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010.


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Alistair,

Don't worry mate - you beat me in December!

I finished with a meagre £6.40 profit!

BUT....everything that could go wrong did and I had to do a lot of analysis and soul searching to rescue the month. The key thing here is that I didn't end the month with a negative figure. Like you, I didn't want to record my first monthly loss so I'm very relieved to have turned things around.

Do the same mate and things will come good I'm sure. Above all else - keep a positive outlook.

Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2010.

All the best,


Cran said...

Try The Toy

Much better than evolution and free

Alistair said...

Good to hear from you again Mark. All the very best to you and your family.

Thanks for the suggestion Cran, but I'm a Linux user so cannot use The Toy. I refuse to go anywhere near MS if I can help it.

Besides, my poor trading performance is much more deep rooted and fundamental than can be explained by using new software or a poor broadband connection.

neil said...

It seems wierd that you have suddenly lost all your skills, after months of profit. It cant be the change in markets over the winter, as last december seemed to be one of your best ever. Maybe some psychological things ( fear, overconfidence?) have subtly affected your trading over time so that you havent noticed how you are trading differently. I am sure you can work out what is wrong and get back to how u were before

The Geek said...

Stubbourn old soul you are. One day when I have a spare week or two I may get the time to make The Toy mono compliant just so the trading communitys die hard Linux fanatic gets to have a play.

Although that may be a while away, so in the meantime if you ever find yourself on the M1 London bound buzz me & pop in on the way for a cuppa.


Drifter said...


You still made a profit this month. Keep going and then the bigger profits will start to roll in again.