Legal Or Not

I had the misfortune of doing Christmas shopping last night and took the opportunity to chat to the bloke manning the BT stand at the local shopping center.

Having more or less decide to change my ISP and/or telephone supplier, I was telling him my broadband woes. I was under the impression that touching anything behind the master socket was illegal (keep in mind I have an old 'star wired' arrangement). Not according to him.

Adjusting the telephone cabling is not rocket science but the legality issue was what was making me somewhat reticent in doing any work in that area. He did of course point out that if I break something, then it will cost me if an engineer has to be called out.

Looks like I've got a nice little project to keep me occupied over the holiday period while my daughter is away.

Given that BT is huge and split into different groups, who knows if this guy knows what he is talking about. I suspect not, but I've got his name and number if anyone complains.

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