Losing Interest Rapidly

While my broadband issues have had an effect on the amount of trading I have been doing, it has settled down (touch wood), albeit some 30%-40% slower than it used to be. I'm still investigating that, but I can't really use the slowdown as an excuse.

The bottom line is, my trading has been crap for months and I just don't seem to be able to take it forward. Indeed, if anything it is going backwards and it is taking with it any enthusiasm I've had for it. My mental and emotional state is being sorely test just now. I readily admit that I'm struggling to see how to arrest the decline, far less take things to a new level.

I shall continue to plug away though, to be honest, it feels more in hope that things will come good rather than me actually make them do so.


Robin55piolot said...

I believe that what you need is an injection of confidence.Firstly,I would suggest you go back to a form of trading you have previously been successful with and trade with low stakes just to prove you can do it,and secondly,be mindful that you are a great encouragement to many out here,like me,who have yet to make £50 in day from trading.

Anonymous said...

Maybe take some time off Alistair, despite your bummper December 2008, this isn't the best of months for trading. It's unlikely you'll make any breakthroughs for the next week or so and if anything it'll only reinforce the decline.

From boxing day onwards the site will be full of bored mug punters on holiday willing to take any crap odds, keep your powder dry til then :)

afropunk said...

Looking at different markets can also help freshen things up a bit. I find trying out different strategies the most interesting part of trading.