Time To Retire BDI

With my trading being so poor the past few months, coupled with the hassles I've had with my broadband connection, I've decided to put my time to better use and look to retire BinarySoft BDI.

I've been part of the Bettrader Evolution beta testing team for a few months, but, to be perfectly honest, other than carrying out my duties in the aforementioned role, I've not used it for serious trading. This has been for a number of reasons, not least of which has been my trading performance over recent times. I stuck to what I was familiar with in order to concentrate on getting my trading back on track.

I cannot say that that was particularly successful, but perhaps that's another story.

I've mentioned numerous times in the past about the issues I have as a Linux based trader. BinarySoft was the only one available to me when I started nearly two years ago. I found its unusual use of probability figures rather than odds very easy and natural to use. Indeed, I took to the resulting 'upside down' ladder layout like a duck to water compared with the standard way trading software displays ladders.

Not long after subscribing to BinarySoft, the developer called it a day. Although it has continued to work, it has, in effect, been working on borrowed time. It's a pity he didn't sell the software as a going concern as I still think it is one of the best products out there (or not out there any more I should say).

Despite this, I think it is time to move on to other alternatives. The single ladder of BinarySoft is limiting for non-binary markets.

So, why Evo? One simple reason. It runs on Linux. Yes, of course I could use other programs but that would inevitably mean running Windows based applications. I've made it clear in the past how I feel about that. Only if there was absolutely no alternative would I take that route, and that includes running Windows within a virtual box on my Linux pc.

I've been reliably informed by the developers at BetPodPro and ChromaWeb that they are looking at releasing Linux versions of their software. Without getting involved in a long debate/argument/flame war over applications, Evo is the only currently available Betfair trading application that will run on my chosen platform. So, despite some of its limitations (which it has like every other application out there), Evo is the obvious one for me to turn to.

With this month effectively written off, I've starting using Evo full time, to small stakes. While I hate going back to small stakes, it is a necessary evil while I get used to reading the markets in the way it presents them. It is completely different to Binarysoft and will therefore take some time to get up to speed.

A quiet month like December seems the obvious time in which to do it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck buddy, I'm a newbie trader getting to grips with small stakes. I am using Evo too.
Anyway keep up the great work with this blog mate, it's an inspiration to fellow traders.

Ronnie2ticks said...

Good Luck Alistair with the change over, i dont know if the Toy works on Linux, but would say if it does to give it a whirl, i have read that Evo can be high on bandwidth usage which some ISP's wont be happy with, some cap at 40gb a month, my old isp capped me due to exceeding the 40 gb cap.


Alistair said...

Thanks for the comments anonymous. Always nice to be appreciated.

Ronnie, the Toy is a Windows only product. While I could run Windows software within a virtual box, it would still need require Windows, which is not something I want to do as long as I have a choice.

Anonymous said...

No probs Alistair.
Still struggling to get the hang of it but I'm persevering, been doing it for a couple of weeks now but not actually gaining much, also not losing much either so I'm happy to keep plugging away at it, hoping that one day something will click!