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Having briefly mentioned the issues I was having with Bettrader Evo due to my continuing broadband problems, I've decided to go back to BinarySoft BDI. Evo simply demands too much bandwidth from my limited connection resulting in freezes and bet submission/cancellation issues. In essence, I'm finding it virtually impossible to use in the horse and greyhound markets.

I shall continue to use it for football trading where speed isn't quite an issue. Binarysoft BDI is not suffering from these issues and, while I've enjoyed using multiple ladders, it will be a pleasure getting back to BDI's familiar interface.

As for my broadband, I'm still waiting on a MAC number from my existing supplier so that I can transfer to another ISP. Having received feedback from my neighbours regarding their broadband performance, I have decided to go to BT Broadband for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, my local exchange is not unbundled. In other words, ALL ISPs that provide broadband in this area do so using BT's equipment. In my view, I might as well talk to the organ grinder rather than the monkey, despite the poor reputation BT have for support.

Secondly, all my neighbours, bar one, are getting at least 2.4Mbps. The one that isn't is getting 1.6Mbps which is slightly more than I used to get before I started getting problems. Those that are getting well over 2Mbps are all with BT Broadband. That in itself tells me something.

I shall be relaying this info to my existing ISP later tonight, just as another way of telling them to shove it, while I demand that they get the finger out and send me a MAC code.

On a closing note, and changing the subject completely, if you don't visit my links page, you may have never seen Mark Iverson's blog. Mark as been out of sight out of mind as far as blogging is concerned. He's now back after a year away from blogland so it's worthwhile checking out this professional traders posts. Tell him Alistair sent you.


Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Alistair!

All the best


Steve said...

Have you given the Geeks Toy a try?

Alistair said...

No Steve, I haven't. I'd need to upgrade and reconfigure my machine first before I could run it within a Linux/Virtual Machine environment.

gedthedreamer said...

Hi. Just came across your blog. Makes for good reading.

I thought Binarysoft BDI was no longer available?

Alistair said...

Thanks for the compliment gedthedreamer.

You are quite correct. Binarysoft hasn't been available now for some 18 months. However, the developer left it enabled so that existing subscribers can continue to use it.

At some stage it will fall over, but for now, it is a very useful fall back tool for me.