Another losing day for me, albeit the small amount of less than £3. This was mainly due to a complete lack of discipline where I decided to let a trade go in-play and to hell with the consequences. Not something I do very often, not deliberately anyway.

I came home from visiting a client, and as usual I was over keen to get stuck in with the trading despite not really being in the mood. I've recently been looking at another angle rather than just scalping the market and I tried something stupid that didn't work.

I stuck £20 on a horse that was trading at 42.0 and my request of 46.0 was matched easily enough. Then, someone must have chopped one of it's legs off in the parade ring as it shot out very quickly and I found myself looking at an all red figure of half my stake. So I decided to let it go in running, looking for 42.0.

It didn't get anywhere near that and I lost the £20.

When I'm in that frame of mind it is safer not to trade as I am apt to go on and make even more stupid decisions, so I stopped.

I returned after the afternoon racing was finished and set about recovering my losses via the dogs. I nearly managed it falling a few pounds short. I topped up a little more with another attempt at the football trading strategy I failed with on Saturday.

This time, I made sure I did my sums correctly and chose a more suitable match. The Newcastle v WBA game looked as if it had goals written all over it, yet the over 2.5 market was sitting at 2.20.

The strategy involves drip feeding bets into various markets, which is where the strategy name 'Bambi' comes from - "drip, drip drip little April showers"... OK, I'll get my coat.

In this instance, the early goals limited the return simply because not enough of the stake had been matched before the first goal. Still, a profit is always welcome, irrespective of its size. I'll give details of the strategy if it proves profitable long term.

So a slight loss today, which, if not for a momentary lapse of reason on my part, would have been a reasonable profit. No harm done though and some more lessons learned.

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