Damn This Broadband

To paraphrase The Planet of The Apes, "Damn this broadband. Damn it all to hell!"

I've tried trading the horses this afternoon without getting anywhere. I was then hit by a reversal in the 2:40 at Ascot. 'Twist Magic' decided to shoot out and the bet submission delays meant I couldn't catch up with it until it had gone 9 ticks the wrong way costing £11 in the process.

I left it there and went for a break. Foolishly I cam back in time for the last at Ascot and much the same thing happened. Instead of ending up with a profit of £3 or so, I lost over £17. My horse trading is ropey enough without that happening.

I haven't bothered with any football today, though I had intended to do some this evening. Having lost £28+ already today, I don't think I'll bother.

The BT broadband I've just signed up with had better sort this nonsense out or I simply won't be able to afford to trade any more.

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