More Luck Required

I've started to satisfy the inner gambler in me by having another trixie today. This time I'm looking at Hull, Everton and Dundee Utd all to win. £10 total stake to win 60 odd quid. One loser and I'll get a tiny profit.

Funny enough, this is something that I had always intended to do when I first started trading, but never did, except very occasionally.

If you've taken the time to read my early postings (well done if you have), you'll be aware that I come from a soccer betting background and, after wiping my bank out gave up with the whole idea of making money from sports betting. When I turned to trading, one of the intentions was to fund my sports betting by trading. In essence, never again was I going to put money in a bookmaker's account. Trading was a way to finance that.

I don't know why I never got around to doing it on a regular basis, but there you are. I think I can afford £10 from my winnings to do this.

I did have the intention of trading out as these times take the lead, assuming they take the lead. However, for some reason I thought the Dundee Utd game was going in-play. No idea where I got that impression from so I'll just let it run. There's in-built insurance anyway in that any double alone covers the bet.

Trading wise, I'm not doing any of the horse or dog markets this afternoon as the Betfair API is really sluggish. More so than normal for a Saturday. I'll look to some footy instead today, though at this point, I haven't decided what.

UPDATE 17:00 - Let down by two teams who just couldn't hold on to a lead.


ricardo said...

Bad luck mate. Once and once only I had a multiple on the footy - never again. My current method of choice with football is to scalp overs when there's no sign of a goal anytime soon. The African Cup games have been (mostly) very kind to me - today's play-off was particularly good.

Alistair said...

Hi Ricardo,

Just a little exercise to satisfy the inner gambler in me. As I say, I only do these if I've made a profit on the day elsewhere.

As for the Africa Nations Cup, I've found it to be one big disappointment. I don't think I've not had a single winning trade throughout the competition.