More Of The Same

Another frustrating day at the crease for me with small profits on the greyhounds and football but another small loss on the nags.

I suffered a bit from bet submission issues today with delays in money both appearing and clearing from the ladders. On one occasion I had to completely close down my browser and start again. I don't know if the issue lay with Bettrader Evolution, the Betfair systems after their recent maintenance, my on-going broadband slowdown or any combination of those.

Speaking of which, I spent some time today delivering a leaflet asking all my neighbours if they could do a broadband speed test in order to get a picture of the typical speeds we are all getting. The hope is that they are all seeing a lot more than me, which would provide further evidence that there's an issue with my line.

One of them popped by tonight to explain that he's been having problems for a while and recently had a BT engineer out who subsequently found problems with the cabling (it's 30-40 years hold having been put in when the estate was built), issues at the telegraph pole, the local distribution/junction box as well as at the exchange. All of which serves to support my claim that there's an issue with my line.

My ISP however has washed their hands of it and refuse to consider the possibility that there's a line issue. Consequently, I've washed my hands of them and requested a MAC number so that I can transfer to another, as yet to be decided, supplier.

Onto something else now...

Many moons ago, when I first started this lark, I put forward a tennis strategy that I never pursued because I was devoting my time to trading, at that time, the horse place markets. I've always intended to resurrect that idea and with the Australian Open starting on Monday, now seems as good a time as any.

Rather than explain it all in great detail again, you can read about it in these posts:

Tennis Hedging Strategy
Tennis Hedging Strategy Revisited

I'll publish my plans once the schedule/draw is made available at the weekend.


Cran said...

So do you open a trade at the current price and then hedge 20% away or do you trade 10% each side of the opening price?

Interesting strategy, I'll run it by the historical data tomorrow.

Matt said...

Essentially buying a volatility option. It might work, interested to see what Cran comes back with.


Alistair said...

Hello Matt. Nice to hear from you again. It's been a while. I trust you are well.

It will indeed be interesting to see what Cran comes back with.

Cran, That's an interesting point regarding entry points. Generally, I'd stick my opening bid in a couple of ticks away from the current price. However, if the match is about to start, I'd check to see who was serving first and my alter my entry accordingly.

Keep in mind when this strategy sprung to mind it was based on a comment by Peter Webb from which I thought it might lends itself to a blind technique. Obviously, those with a bit of knowledge of the sport will be able to make a more informed choice.

Also, it is worth emphasising yet again that this is a punt, not a trade. It simply employs techniques more associated with trading to achieve it's goals.

You don't need to get involved in every game if you do not want to.