The Organ Grinder And The Monkey

This morning (or should I say yesterday morning given that it's now the early hours of Saturday morning) I took the plunge and signed up with BT and their phone and broadband package.

I'm not saving much over the monthly cost I currently pay for my telecomms with TalkTalk and Entanet but, given the results of all my broadband experiences recently, the fact that those neighbours with the best performance are all with BT combined with my local exchange not being unbundled, it seems to me that I'd be better off dealing with the organ grinder rather than the monkey.

BT's initial check of the line suggests a maximum of 3.5Mbps. Not likely, but if I get above 2.0 I'll be over the moon. I'm not expecting miracles when it goes live. If the fault I've been suffering from lies with the line, as I suspect, then I'll probably get much the same as I'm getting now. At least I'll be able to deal with someone who is in a position to troubleshoot it properly rather than just fobbing me off with complete crap.

It's all happening fairly quickly. No sooner had I returned home from the local shopping centre and I got confirmation that it will go live next Friday.

Perhaps the speed of change has even shocked my existing broadband provider as my router lost its WAN IP setting mid trade this afternoon seconds before the off. Fortunately, my closing trade was submitted successfully before the disconnection, but it was a nervous 20 mins before I found out if my £100 stake had been lost or not.

That disconnection slowed me down even further. It's now at 0.3Mbps! Hopefully BT's profiling mechanism won't be an issue when I move to BT. I'm not a great one for conspiracy theories, but it does make me wonder if BT are deliberately throttling the connections of customers who get their services from elsewhere.

With any luck, the end of this sorry saga is in sight and I can get back to concentrating on trading the way I want to trade without being hampered with poor broadband performance. Fingers crossed.

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