Slow And Steady Progress

I cannot say that my trading has been anything other than slow this month. I'm still putting in long hours, but the pickings are fairly thin on the ground. Still, touch wood, I've yet to see a losing day which is always a good sign and I'm well up on my shocking returns for the past two months so it is not all doom and gloom.

A number of factors are contributing to the relatively insignificant sums of money I'm accumulating.

First off, as I am fully getting to grips with Bettrader Evolution as my main tool - I haven't used Binarysoft BDI for roughly a month now - I am limiting myself to £20 stakes in both the horses and greyhounds. I can hardly expect huge returns on those stakes.

Also, my broadband issues continue with my speed having settled down at less than 0.5Mbps. This, I am sure, is causing Evo problems. It simply doesn't seem to be able to handle a poor broadband connection. It reacts by freezing for 30-40 secs when closing a market with the intention of opening a new one. The same effect happens when switching between markets. Indeed, even if I have only one market open and in view, that market can freeze if I open a completely unrelated application and use that for even the slightest amount of time.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating, but more of a problem is the bet submission/cancellation delays coupled with a frequent non-acceptance of bets placed.

I don't recall getting these when I was beta testing earlier versions prior to my broadband problems, but so long as those problems exist and Evo reacts in the way that it does, it is severely hampering my trading. Indeed, it is causing me to take time out and look at other trading styles that do not rely on the quick fire and frenetic activity in the pre-race markets close to the off. Doing so is no bad thing of course, but it has an impact on the bottom line in the short term.

Looking ahead to the Australian Open and my proposal to resurrect the Tennis Hedging Strategy, I'm going to miss out the first round and look to get involved in the second. This is simply due to the number of games involved combined with the 11 hour time difference. I simply do not have the option of staying up all night to monitor markets. With this in mind, I'll be spending much of this weekend seeing if I can set up either Binarysoft or Evo so that I can set it and forget it.

I quite like the idea of earning while I'm asleep so here's hoping I can set it up without me having to spend too much time at my computer in the wee small hours of the day.


Ben Aitken said...

Hi Al

How do you plan to trade the tennis? Will it be a case of trading each individual match or will you look to trade long term in the winner market?


Ben (NTF)

Alistair said...

Hi Ben

For this exercise, the intention is to get involved in every match, or at least as many as possible that sleep deprivation allows. For this I'll be using the tennis hedging strategy which is a punt rather than a trade.

I would like to do a longer term tournament winner trade, but funds a limited and I don't want to tie them up for that time while there are other sports on the go.


Alistair said...

Just been looking at your profile Ben and I see you're a fellow Fifer. Although I've lived on the other side of the Forth much of my adult life, I'm originally from The Kingdom. Kelty to be precise, but don't hold that against me :-)