A Steady Start

Despite the decimated horse racing card, I've managed to pick up three profitable days out of three on the greyhounds where the money has been pretty good. Even in the dogs though there has been a few meetings called off thanks to the weather so picking up any profit is welcome.

While I love the weather we're having, it is a pain from a trading point of view. Now, the extreme temperature may well claim another victim... ME! My boiler has decided to play silly buggers. I had to reset it last night and then an hour later it started making this bizarre booming noise. I kept it going throughout the night as I'm petrified of having a burst pipe in the attic - had one the last big freeze which flooded the house and repairs took nearly 10 months.

Anyway, I awoke to find the volume and frequency of the noise had increased and there was a puddle of water on the floor. I suspect the overflow pipe might be frozen up.

Fortunately, I signed up to a service contract with Scottish Gas just before Christmas. I wish my trading entry points were always so well timed. Unfortunately though, the weather is causing such problems that they can't get to me until Monday afternoon, despite putting me on the priority list due to having no heating or hot water.

Looks like I'll be spending much of this weekend visiting family.


Cran said...

I don't bother trying to heat my house, and it's usually warmer outside.

Hot water is nice to have though.

At least your internet works! :)

Alistair said...

My internet only just works Cran. It's still on a major go slow and my ISP have effectively washed their hands of it, so I've just told them where to go and I'll be moving shortly.

brucemcc11 said...


I've been following your blog for a while and just started one myself. http://brucemcc11.blogspot.com/