What A Difference A Few Bits Make

As usual, I struggled to make any headway today. Granted, I missed much of this morning's session due to other commitments and it certainly doesn't help building up some profit only to go on a seven race losing run that wipes virtually all of it out again. So much for the dogs this afternoon.

I quit around 4pm as I received a msg from BT that my broadband was now active. I didn't want to be caught by any funnies as the transition took place. Instead, I spent a little while setting up the new BT Home Hub router and left it running.

I came back for a look at greyhounds just before 9pm. Already, my speed had nearly doubled compared to the 0.5Mbps I've been getting for weeks though there's still some way to go before I match the neighbours. I'm not expecting great leaps and bounds immediately as, if as I suspect, my issues lie with the line, then those issues will remain. At least I'll get some movement on that front now. That's the theory.

Anyway, I spent less than an hour on the dogs and made £20. That's the best result I've had for a long time. Did the slight increase in speed help? Possibly. I'll just have to wait and see if that sort of result gets repeated in the coming days.

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Robin said...

Hi Alistair,
I had a crap day on the nags yesterday,but also had a good night on the dogs,consistent 3-5 ticks per race & no losers.It seems that the dog markets were "readable" + decent liquidity.