Wish Me Luck

My trading is so appalling just now, that I've resorted to having a speculative punt. Taken from the tips available at SoccerLotto, I've stuck a tenner on Preston, Brighton and Northampton all to win covering the treble and three doubles. Fingers crossed.

I've done this over at Betdaq where I stuck some cash today in order to play around on the horse markets while Betfair was out of action again this afternoon.

Apart from a rather annoying glitch that I'd not seen before in the Betdaq Trader software, it was a useful test. I was only working to £2 stakes but I found the markets relatively easy to read. There was plenty of money around, at least for my purposes, with lots of gaps in the market to exploit. Given the size of the stakes I was using, I was quite happy coming away with 65p profit after commission over six races and not a loser in site.

I certainly saw enough to give it another go, though the issue with their software I was experiencing will not lead me to go there often unless I can get it resolved.


Anonymous said...

This should cheer you up Alistair


Alistair said...

Not before time. Thanks for that Anonymous.

Does this meant they'll let me have bets of more than £3 now?