Cry Foul!

I'm not a happy bunny this evening.

On Sunday, I took part in the Betfair promo whereby, if I backed a fourfold and it failed, I'd have half my stake returned up to a maximum value of £25. I do not have the link to the original terms and conditions for the offer, but I interpreted it as the maximum refund was £25. Not according to Betfair.

Based on my understanding of the T&C, I placed a £50 fourfold which ultimately failed. Betfair credited my account with £12.50 and not the full £25 as I expected.

On querying the figure, they claim the £25 refers to the stake size and not the maximum size of the refund. That's not how I read it, and not how others I know read it.

I cannot take it any further as I don't have access to the original terms and conditions. If anyone has, could you forward it to me please?

In the meantime, I've suggested to Betfair that they remove any possible ambiguity from their T&C so that users won't fall foul of such offers again.

While on the subject of Betfair, I was checking my premium charge statement when I noticed a figure of £197 in the 'Lifetime profile' column under the heading 'Other Charges', whatever that means. It's been a while since I checked my premium charge, and this was the first time I had seen this, or remember seeing it.

To be honest, I was completely confused by this for two reasons. Firstly, I didn't recall the money ever having left my account, and secondly, I had no idea what they were for as Betfair had never notified me of any additional charges I was about to incur.

A quick email to Betfair resulted in the following:

The 'Other Charges' are not charges you have paid yourself in the past. When we changed the Premium Charge calculation process in October we had to ensure that each customer had paid back at least 20% in charges to October 11th 2009. This would be to ensure that they were not placed at a disadvantage when the charge was introduced.

To ensure that all customers had paid back at least 20%, the customers who had paid below 20% over the lifetime of their account were given a hypothetical top-up to ensure that the calculations read at least 20%. The hypothetical top-up you were given is the figure under 'Other Charges'.

So, after wading through that waffle, it appears I haven't paid these charges after all and it is just a fictitious adjustment that Befair have applied to all such qualifying customers.

Nice of them to tell me, or did I miss the memo?


Iranian Giraffe said...

There you go mate, no idea which inept person at Betfair told you that, but it clearly states upto £25 CASHBACK. Also I know people who have got £25 cashback from this offer this week so clearly this offer is not automated and the numpty above cannot read properly and processed the refund incorrectly. 1 guy I know also did the offer the previous day on the footy and even though all his selections won they gave him a £25 refund on that as well even though he only placed a £10 bet (not though that matters as like I said his multiple won so no refund was due at all). Betfair have really been usless the last 2 weeks with the almost daily downtime and now this.

Anyway the above link to the t&c should get this sorted for you


james said...

Cashback for close shaves!

* To take part simply opt in to this promotion, by clicking here and entering your username, password and the bonus code "TAKE A BOW 050210".
* Stake a minimum of £10 on a match odds fourfold from any football matches taking place this weekend. Use Andy's picks (below) or make your own.
* If only one of your selections lets you down, we'll give you your stake back (up to a maximum of £25).
†Terms and conditions apply.

I still have the email but the terma and conditions are no longer available through the link!!! sounds a bit iffy to me.

Alistair said...

Thanks guys for the details. They've already seen the error of their ways having sent me the following:

"I have looked into this issue at length. The confusion lies in the fact that there were two Andy Gray 'Take a Bow' promotions this weekend which you opted into, with very similar terms. Ultimately, you have NOT been credited correctly. I have just arranged for a manual credit of the remaining £12.50 to be paid into your account immediately. You will see this next time you log in."

All's well that ends well.

Anonymous said...

Seems they're doing things manually, might be worth posting on the betfair forum also Alistair. The fool who did yours almost certainly did hundreds of others. Money grabbing b£^£%$ds

leonthefixer said...

Would have been nice to have seen them give you an extra £10 or so seeing as the error was with them and you lost time having to chase this error up. The amount of goodwill they have lost in the last few years must be huge and shows no sign of being addressed.

Alistair said...

I don't think it is just Betfair Leon. Seems to be a sign of the times.

My old ISP are demanding £2.50 for the the three days from my previous bill until the time I was moved to BT. You'd think after their crap support they'd just waive it. It must have cost them significantly more to chase me for it.

In such recession hit times, businesses should be going out of their way to provide good customer service in order to retain those customers when things pick up. I obviously work to a different business model than everyone else.

leonthefixer said...

Not everyone else - in my view you look after your customers as much as possible as they always have a choice and always have a long memory. It takes a long time to build up goodwill and it is soemthing that should be protected at all times as it only takes a moment for it to be lost.

It is usually companies that have grown to big and not taken care of certain things as they have grown that suffer these problems. I like to think that down the line they will all get their comeuppance!