Evolution Or Stagnation?

With my broadband issues finally resolved (you've no idea how much wood I am touching as I type that) I recently went back to Bettrader Evolution for trading the horse racing markets. As it turns out, I did so to my cost today.

I was trading 'Kempes' in the 3:20 and placed a back bet for £100 @ 5.9. 30 secs later it was taken and I immediately fed 5 x £20 lay bets at ever decreasing odds. No sooner had I done this and another £100 back bet appeared in the market @ 6.0 of it's own volition!

It took a little while to register what had happened, by which time the market had gone against me taking this extra bet with it. I was now sitting with twice as much money in the market as I had intended. To make matters worse, the delay as my ageing brain cells twigged what had happened meant that I was unable to get out for anything less than a £30 loss.

I have enough problems as it is trying to get to grips with the horse markets without being knee-capped by the software. Granted, I would've lost anyway as I got the market wrong, but I would've got out for less ticks and significantly less money.

I've reported the incident to RacingTraders, but any confidence I had in using the software is now shot to hell. I cannot, in all honesty, carry on using it, particularly in fast paced markets where time is critical. I simply do not trust it to look after my hard earned cash. Until such times as I can, I'll be using BinarySoft to trade the horses.

This is potentially a serious blow given that I already have a limited choice of trading applications that will run natively on my chosen operating system. In my view, being able to run on Linux was Evo's biggest selling point.


Mets said...

Hi Alistair,

Shame to hear about your software woes. I was running Evo on my Ubuntu netbook as a backup (main PC is XP running The Toy) but I found I had to restart the Evo service every five minutes just to keep the thing running. Heaven knows there isn't time for all that funny business when the main computer crashes and the clock is ticking down, so I installed XP on the netbook (very cut down version) and now run The Toy on there too. The Toy is pretty stable and has only froze up on me once in 4 months.

There was lots of squabbling going on at RT following the hurried release of Evo and I get the feeling all the bugs weren't ironed out first.


Robin said...

I use "Gruss" and never had the problem you have encountered.

It is shame it will not run under "Linux".

Another option would to have a "remote server" and use "Windows" trading software that way.


Alistair said...

I can't believe it's taken me a month to respond to this! Sorry about that.

You may have read in a subsequent post Mets, that I've been looking at The Toy, running it in a virtual box on my Linux system. Unfortunately, I need to up my machine spec to make it run smoothly. The bet submission is lightning fast though.

Robin, I've heard lots of good things about Gruss, but yes, it is another app that I cannot run on Linux. Once I get my PC upgraded though it will be worth a look as one of the main attractions is the ability for integration with Excel and bot creation.