It's Been A While...

...since I posted a Betfair daily P&L in three figures.

All is not as it seems though as £50 of that was a matched bet which was lost over at EuroSportBet. It's also been a while since I did any matched betting so getting a guaranteed £30+ for little effort is always welcome. I really must get my bookmaker accounts sorted so that I can do more of them.

Not included in today's total is the return from my Saturday fun trixie.

As you know, I've taken to doing a trixie with £10 of my greyhound profits on a Saturday morning, for no other reason than to satisfy what remains of my gambling fix.

For today's efforts, I covered wins at Coventry, Inverness CT and East Stirling. The first two won, but the third was postponed. Betdaq have yet to settle the bet but I am expecting around £21 profit - assuming of course that the game doesn't get played before the purple exchange pays up.

I also earned a little thanks to a pre-match free bet I had on the 2-0 result at Man City. I traded out a little after the first goal, but obviously Stoke's equaliser put paid to any further balancing of the books.

All-in-all, not a bad day and I won't feel to bad taking tomorrow off now. Enjoy your day what ever you're doing.



Hi mate, I have just started a new blog, Any chance we could swap links? It's

cheers, james

Alistair said...

Hi Trade-to-Profit

I will do, but it may be a while as I cannot access my links page after my broadband issues. My host doesn't allow free access via another broadband provider. Since I moved my broadband from them recently, I can't update my site.

I'm currently looking to move my domain elsewhere.

Alistair said...

All done James. You'll find your link on the links pages, funnily enough.