Midweek Mania

It's been a good day thanks in no small part to Betfair's Midweek Mania promotion.

It case you haven't seen it, they ask you to place a multiple bet (at least 3 selections) where one of those selections must be the horse that they specify. If that horse loses, they refund your stake. So as long as you make sure that this horse is in the first race of your multiple, you have a free bet. It's a no brainer.

If the horse wins, you now lay off your second runner to cover your initial outlay plus a small profit if you wish, knowing that the winnings from the multiple will cover you.

Today I stuck £10 on a treble consisting of 'Alexandros' (BF's pick) in the 5:40, 'Barodine' in the 6:20 and 'Rock Ascot' in the 6:50.

Low and behold, the first two won and I found myself looking at a return of £642 if the treble came in. Just before the off, I laid 'Rock Ascot' for £150 at net odds of 3.41 to give me a guaranteed profit of £67.50 if it lost, with a profit of some £200 if it went on to win.

Unfortunately, it was never in the race. Still, not bad for a £10 stake.

My greyhound trading continues to be somewhat ropey. I only traded 23 races today and lost only 4 of them. Disappointingly though, those losses amounted to over £16 which slashed my profit to less than £6.

This result is particularly annoying as there has been loads of money in the dog markets of late, at least during the day, and I'm failing to capitalise on it. Still, any profit is welcome and the disappointment felt was more than compensated for by today's spot of mania.


Ben Aitken said...

Very nice Betfair 'loophole' there. Nice little money spinner if you play it right.

Good work.

Alistair said...

Cheers Ben.

I shouldn't take all the credit as this was flagged up by one of the chat room regulars.

I suppose the same technique can be applied to any bookmaker offer that returns your initial stake.

Worth keeping in mind.