Much More Like It Or Just Coincidence?

Today saw me achieve the best return from trading the greyhounds I have managed for some time. Stopping for lunch after trading for a couple of hours this morning I was nearly £40 richer. I added to that a little after the horse racing was finished. I wonder how much of that was due to the sudden improvement in broadband speed.

Having switched to BT Broadband at the end of January after my much documented trials and tribulations with my previous ISP, I was delighted to see last night that, after a two week settling in period, my speed had jumped from 0.6Mbps to 2.6Mbps. This is 1.0Mbps higher than I used to get with my old supplier prior to hitting problems.

Based on this, and the results for the little survey of my neighbours I did at the turn of the year, I'm more convinced than ever that BT throttle the speed of other ISPs customers - not that that was my original problem. I wouldn't be surprised put it that way. It is certainly worth looking into if you're not with BT and especially if your local exchange is like mine and not unbundled.

I won't count my chickens before they've hatched though. I'll continue to monitor the speed over the coming weeks to see what it settles down at. I'm certainly delighted with what I'm getting now. After the hassles from my previous supplier, I feel totally vindicated.

The temptation to send them an 'I told you so' email, is almost too great to ignore.


leonthefixer said...

Well done mate and good to hear your internet issues look to have been fixed!

Alistair said...

Cheers Leon, though I hope you haven't spoken too soon regarding my broadband!

Ben Aitken said...

Good work mate

I used to work in the local loop unbundling world (b4 switching my attention to racing!).

I wouldnt have thought there was many exchanges that remained unbundled but I guess there must still be a few.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair
Somewhere on your blog you summarise a 'how to trade the greyhounds' list, can you point me in the direction of the page its on please,

Alistair said...

Anonymous, this is probably what you're looking for:

Trading The Greyhounds.