Not That It Matters

I'm not one for arguments. Indeed, I avoid them like the plague unless I'm certain I'm right. The smallest doubt is enough for me to hold my tongue - at least until I've checked my facts. One thing I do do is correct people if they are wrong.

What's got my attention today is this little snippet I read online:

"I also started a live trading chat room for Racingtraders members in Paltalk and have close to 100 regular members enjoying the live environment that a forum does not provide. We will be expanding that in 2010. Racingtraders were the first to do this as well and now several other groups are endeavouring to copy our lead and start their own."

I specifically draw your attention to the claim of being the first chat room established for traders/punters to interact live. This is nonsense.

The Bet Your Life website has had just such a chat room since Sept 2007, as announced on the SoccerLotto forum, which is, if memory serves me correctly, quite a few months before the one claimed above.

Now I don't know who was first, but I do know it wasn't Racingtraders. I'm certainly not arrogant enough to claim it was me. Why? Because I copied the idea from Betting Profit Software, the developers of BetIE. They had one long before I came along, though I don't believe they have one now. Indeed, some of the regulars from that chat room now visit mine.

Like I said, not that it matters.

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