The decision of Wayne Bridge to withdraw from possible England squad selection speaks volumes for his character and the position he has been placed in by his 'friend' and fellow countryman.

It also speaks equal volumes for the total lack of character of John Terry. His shameful behaviour has effectively forced Bridge into retiring from the International arena and forego the chance of a lifetime - to play in a World Cup finals.

If Terry had any honour or a shred of moral fibre in his body, he'd be the one to withdraw from the squad. That, unfortunately, isn't the case and this utter lowlife of a man will, in all likelihood, go to South Africa without feeling so much as an ounce of guilt over the effects his actions have had on his one time good friend.

I congratulate Wayne Bridge on his decision, regretful though it is. Sometimes principles have to take priority. It is such a pity that there are so few people like him in the footballing world.


Mark Iverson said...

Got to say I agree with you Alistair - the correct decision I feel but a terrible one to have to make.

Vital Satistix said...

agree too. At the very minimum JT should have apologised publicly to Bridge, his wife and the fans. Without that I don't think Bridge had any choice